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Who does Ryan Seacrest think is 'On the Verge'? Here are some clues

Who's "On the Verge"? In a new series for TODAY, special correspondent Ryan Seacrest is profiling the names you should know, from business to sports to music. We're kicking off the series with a mystery guest tomorrow: Can you guess who it is? Here's Ryan's first clue:

It can be a refuge for the young and the hip, an adventure for any age, or a lifeline for those who open their doors.

Here's your second clue:

Trying to figure out who's on the verge? This picture is your second clue.


And here's your final clue:

Think you know who it is? Tweet your guess with the hashtag #OnTheVergeTODAY or leave it in the comments! We'll bring you the answer right here tomorrow.

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