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It's magic! David Copperfield helps Natalie float in midair

Rebecca Davis / TODAY

Illusionist David Copperfield swept TODAY's Natalie Morales right off her feet on Friday – literally. 

Performing his levitation act, which he said took years to perfect, Copperfield used Natalie for the stunt on-air. He performed the act in a single take – with no edits – as he set a board on top of two step ladders and Natalie laid down on the plank. Then, just like that, Copperfield removed each of the ladders as Natalie remained suspended in the air.

Rebecca Davis / TODAY

"I was blown away," Natalie told TODAY.com. "Levitation is one of those things you figure there's got to be a pole or string somewhere. There has to be something hidden."


Natalie's eyes were closed during the stunt, so she was unable to see Copperfield passing a silver hoop over the entire length of the board, seemingly proving nothing was keeping Natalie suspended.


"I looked at this table from every angle, because I'm a skeptic as much as anyone," Natalie explained. "There was nothing! I just don't get it."

What's the next step for Copperfield's levitation magic? A larger subject, perhaps.

"I was going to do a sumo wrestler levitation," Copperfield told TODAY.com. "But they have very tough agents."

Stay tuned to TODAY on Magic Monday (March 25) as magicians reveal their most fascinating tricks.

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