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Watch Penn and Teller creep out Savannah


David Copperfield brought Penn and Teller to Magic Mondays, and creepiness ensued.

Poor Penn and Teller. That early-morning wakeup to appear on TODAY can be a killer. They came out with a goofy, sleepy schtick, pretending to sleep through their Magic Mondays spot alongside legendary illusionist David Copperfield.

Then things got creepy.


The pajama-clad magicians had Matt choose a card that he showed only to the camera. Penn yawned through his instructions, even taking the opportunity to paw at Savannah a bit while Teller snuggled in her lap. 


Penn went through the deck, never actually locating Matt's card. And then something incredible happened that made Savannah say, "It's even creepier in person!"



Watch the video to find out what.

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