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TODAY fans weather Hurricane Sandy on the plaza

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY.com

Tanya Powell, left, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, struggles to hold onto her poncho and torn sign as she stands near the TODAY studio outside at Rockefeller Plaza.

Winds and rain from Hurricane Sandy have sent most people scurrying for shelter in New York City, but a few faithful TODAY fans withstood the weather to watch the morning coverage on the plaza on Monday.

“I’ve been waiting 30 years to come to the TODAY show and meet Matt,” said Colleen Bensur from Eerie, Penn.

Bensur said no matter the morning's conditions, she was staying to watch Matt, Savannah and Natalie “all the way to the end. I’m going to weather it.”

Tanya Powell, from Hattiesburg, Miss., made the trek to Rockefeller Center, too.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY.com

A woman tries to speak on the phone outside the TODAY studio at Rockefeller Plaza, Monday, Oct. 29.

"We just had Isaac,” said Powell.  “We weathered Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This is our first East Coast hurricane."

Powell and Bensur both were uncertain on their plans to get home. Powell said she would be hunkering down in a hotel, while Bensur said she had family she could stay with.

“We have nothing else better to do at this point, than sit in a hotel room,” said Powell.


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