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Charla Krupp, longtime friend of TODAY, passes away at 58

Charla Krupp, a style expert who appeared on TODAY more than 100 times, lost her battle with breast cancer Monday. She was 58.

An editor at Glamour Magazine and People Stylewatch, Charla was the author of best-selling books "How Not to Look Old" and "How to Never Look Fat Again." Read an excerpt from the latter book here

She appeared on TODAY to feature dozens of fun new trends, including slimming undergarments, the return of leggings and finding the perfect pair of shoes.

"We want to just extend our condolences to Charla's family," Matt said on TODAY.

"She had such a brave face," Ann added. "She was so vibrant ... she'd always come up with these coinages that would make you smile."

Charla is survived by her husband and her mother.

Her family has set up the Charla Krupp Memorial Fund for Women in Media at the University of Illinois, where Charla graduated with a degree in journalism.