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Where in the world is Matt? Standing on 'top of Europe'

High and mighty, vast and timeless: Matt stood on the "top of Europe" to kick off the fourth day of Where in the World.

The anchor was 11,745 feet above sea level at Jungfraujoch’s Sphinx Observatory, located in the Swiss Alps.


Did you guess correctly? Natalie did! Read an explanation of Matt's two clues.

The mountains are home to snowy peaks and lush valleys. Towns accessible only by cable car dot the landscape.

It's a popular tourist destination: 700,000 visitors come every year (with many likely leaving with their jaw on the ground).

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You can get there by taking a train, like Matt did. It's the highest railway station in Europe. (Watch a video of the spectacular trip here.)

But some people mountain climb to get there! Matt profiled a group of climbers, one of whom scaled the Eiger, Europe’s most dangerous mountain, in 2 hours and 45 minutes! Meet the guy who climbed it that quickly in the video below.

The Where in the World team was supposed to arrive in Jungfrau on Tuesday, but poor weather changed the team's plans.

Video: View the 'whiteout' storm that scrambled Matt's plans

How would one survive in these horrible conditions? Matt was joined by survival expert Bear Grylls who showed Matt how to create a snow cave for shelter and how to find food: grub, which Matt ate live on the show.  

Thankfully, this morning was beautiful: 23 degrees Fahrenheit with a sun so intense that Matt didn't need a coat.

And of course there's more to eat up there than insects. When most Americans think Swiss delicacies, they think cheese.

But NBC's Kerry Sanders, who joined Matt on top of the mountain, reveals that while Swiss locals are borderline obsessed with the dairy product, there's no such thing as what Americans call Swiss cheese. Watch his report

Matt was also joined at the top by yodelers and a Swiss "model": a St. Bernard named Asti. Check out the lovable pooch below:


Jungfraujoch Observatory is most famous for being the breathtaking setting for the 1969 James Bond film, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." 

And Bond would be proud of how Jungfraujoch has evolved over the last few years. From the zipline to paragliding, mountain biking to sipping stiff drinks in an ice palace, visitors can definitely follow in the footsteps of Agent 007.

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Watch a video of Kerry performing some intense stunts in the Swiss Alps below.

Before Matt left Switzerland, Matt bestowed his co-anchors with gifts and revealed a clue about his final destination.

What do you think of Jungfraujoch? Let us know in the comments below!

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