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She's adopted! Pup on TODAY steals Natalie's heart

TODAY's Natalie Morales triumphed over stage manager Dave Auerbach in the adoption of Zara, a dog who was featured on the show yesterday.

Natalie fell so much in love with Zara, a shelter dog who was on the show yesterday, that she adopted her!

"She stole my heart," Natalie said on TODAY. "She's going to come home with us tomorrow!" Natalie and her husband will pick Zara up from North Shore Animal League and take her to her new home.

America was rooting for the union — more than 77 percent of TODAY fans thought she should take the pup home. The other 24 percent thought Dave, our stage manager, should adopt Zara, but his family wasn't as enthused with the idea. Check out the video below for Dave’s amusing reaction.

Natalie told TODAY.com last night that she grew up with dogs and had wanted to adopt one for a while.

"My best memories as a kid growing up were with my dog Duke by my side," Natalie said. "I want my kids to know what that bond is like, and the love between people and their pets."

We'll keep you posted with all the doggie details!