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Savannah answers viewer questions, reveals her bucket list

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie answers viewers' Facebook questions and reveals who she is named after, what sparked her interest in journalism and the top three items on her bucket list.

Here in the TODAY.com office, we love Savannah Guthrie, the newest addition to the TODAY show team. She manages to be fiercely intelligent and loveably funny at the same time. 

Well, it seems we’re not the only ones to appreciate the spunk and smarts she brings to the screen. We asked you to send questions for Savannah on the TODAY Facebook page and received nearly 400 in less than eight hours!

After sifting through all of them, we narrowed it down to the eight most frequently asked and most intriguing questions. Her height, her inspiration and the origins of her name were commonly queried, but there were some wildcards thrown in, too! 

Savannah was absolutely game to answer anything and you may be surprised by some of her responses. 

Here is the first of two videos in which she answers your questions. Come back tomorrow for the second!