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Bow to Wow: Furry angels for August

Jill Rappaport

From TODAY correspondent Jill Rappaport

With Bow To Wow, I take shelter dogs from their cages at Animal Care & Control of New York City to TODAY and find them all wonderful homes. We still have a 100% success rate and we plan on keeping that excellent track record. August brings us another great group of females in need of adoption, and these dogs are as cute as can be and cuddly to boot.

We start off with an adorably sweet Beagle mix named Zoe, who is only a year old and in desperate need of a loving home where she’d be the only pet, given her timid nature.

Zoe is followed by a pooch named Jessie, an 11-month-old wire-haired Terrier mix who never gets pooped. Luckily, Jessie’s boundless energy matches her lively, affectionate disposition.

Roxie May is next, and she’s a gorgeous Siberian Husky mix who is calm and curious, but craves love and attention.

Lastly, there’s a little, furry angel named Zelda, a black-and-white Shih Tzu with a personality to die for.

All four of these beautiful animals are waiting with wagging tails and huge, hopeful hearts for a home.

For more information on the Animal Care & Control of New York City and how you can adopt a pet, click here.

TODAY's animal expert Jill Rappaport helps primp pooches in desperate need of a good home.