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TODAY, donors lend a $1.8 million hand to AK PRIDE


TODAY's Al Roker kicked off the 10th anniversary of Lend a Hand Monday morning with the biggest donation day in the history of the series: more than $1.8 million to AK PRIDE.

The non-profit organization located in Anchorage provides a positive environment for youth after school, emphasizing the importance of education and community service. 

"If I can just give someone a meal, or a T-shirt or a dollar, you never know how important that dollar is for that one child," said Ma'o Tosi, the organization's director.

Head over to AK PRIDE's website to learn more information about the charity.

Hear the charity's story and watch their reactions to all of the donations in the video below:

Tosi also talked to TODAY in the clip below about how he motivates the Alaskan youth through music, art, dance and athletics. 

Total Lend a Hand Day 1 donation tally: $1,829,332

List of donors:

2(x)ist Men's Underwear
Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours LLC.
Alaska Communications
Anchorage: World Wide Movers, Inc.
Columbia Sportswear
Dance Deck
Glidden Paint
Good Neighbor
Johnson Outdoors, Ocean Kayak, Old Town Canoe And Necky Kayaks
Jordache Enterprises
Lydnen Transport, Inc.
Navistar And Cascadia International
NFL Charities
The Northway Mall
NY Jets
Paula Deen Furniture By Universal
Paula Deen, Smithfield And The United Food And Commercial Workers 
Random House Children's Books 
Sara Lee, Jimmy Deen, Ball Park And Hillshire Farms
Signature Flooring
Toyota/100 Cars For Good 
Under Armour/NFL Play 60
United Airlines 

If you are a United Mileage Plus member or a Continental OnePass member, donate airline miles and money to AK PRIDE by clicking the links on the corresponding programs.

Want to help out? Let us know here and a TODAY producer may contact you. 

And watch the video below for a look at some of Alaska'a greatest traditions and a song sung by one of AK PRIDE's staffers.

Junior Gisa, the program coordinator and musical director for Ma'o Tosi's AK PRIDE program, sings an original song.