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Anchors praise Ann Curry as next TODAY co-anchor


The TODAY anchors praised Ann Curry and her selection as the next TODAY co-anchor who will sit alongside Matt Lauer after Meredith leaves in June.

Read some of their quotes from the TODAY broadcast this morning and an NBC News press conference announcing the changes. And congratulate Ann in the comments below.

"I feel so good about the fact that Ann's taking over because it will be entirely seamless," she said in the press conference. "It's really Ann's day." 

"To be able to have Ann, who's been on this program for more than 15 years and is such an incredible part of our success during that time -- be able to leapfrog and come over into this position is exactly the way that this is set up to work. And I'm thrilled for Ann. She's a great storyteller, has a heart that's as big as this room," Matt said at the press conference. "We don't even have to predict that Ann will be great -- Ann and I have hosted the show together probably 200 times in 15 years. It feels natural." 

"I've known Ann it seems like forever. I mean she is in my wedding -- she was part of my wedding party. She is literally our birth mother. And I don't think any journalist has had as good a five-year run doing stories that count, and that matter and that make a difference,” Al said during the press conference. “And I would posit that Ann is the conscious of our show, and I might even make the argument of NBC News. I think there is no better person to be taking over for Meredith than Ann Curry." 

"We know that with Ann Curry at the helm here we're in good hands here," she said.

"Ann has been here at the TODAY show for 15 years. She's been such an incredible person on the show. She’s traveled the world and hugged everybody in the studio at least 100 times," she said during TODAY's Talk. 

Kathie Lee:
"We're happy for Ann," she said during TODAY'S talk. "She so deserves this." 

Jim Bell, executive producer of TODAY:
"I'm thrilled for the show because we know we didn't have to go too far -- just about 10 feet over to the news desk -- for the great Ann Curry, who I think is really one of the best storytellers and reporters and beloved members of this family. And I can't wait to get her in there." 

Leave your congratulations for Ann in the comments below. 

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