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10 reasons why we love Meredith

She’s a savvy journalist – but she’s also a fashionista and a flirt. Here’s what we’ll miss most when Meredith leaves TODAY in June after nearly five years as co-anchor.

1. She's a seasoned, savvy journalist
Meredith has interviewed prominent newsmakers, from President Barack Obama to first lady Laura Bush. In 2008, she sat down with then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Iowa caucus, asking tough questions about her qualifications and foreign policy experience.

2. She’s got style … and a fabulous shoe collection
Despite her early morning wake-up call, Meredith always manages to look great. She isn’t shy about her love for sky-high heels, and viewers often clamor for details on her fab footwear. In this Web-only clip, see her dish to Sara Haines about her stylish Louboutins.

3. She’s not afraid to try new things
When reporting from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Meredith helped us get into the mind of a speed skater by strapping on some skates and taking tips from the master, Apolo Ohno. Her lessons didn’t end there: She also learned to tango with the “Dancing With the Stars” champ.

4. She’s head-over-heels for her dog
Viewers have gotten to know Meredith’s beloved dog, Jasper, who has made guest appearances on TODAY several times. Her puppy love has given fans a glimpse into who she really is.

5. She’s a total flirt
From getting cozy with wild actor Russell Brand to a hilarious exchange with Colin Firth and James Franco about “polishing their statues,” Meredith certainly has a way with the fellas!

6. She’s useless in the kitchen, and owns up to it
Meredith is no Suzy Homemaker, and she’s not ashamed to admit it. There have been several rounds of Meredith vs. Martha (Stewart), and Meredith’s competitive spirit keeps her coming back for more. She battled Martha in an apple pie cook-off, and shamelessly admitted that she uses a pre-made crust for her apple pie. Our favorite Meredith vs. Martha moment was when they were adding icing to panels on a gingerbread house: “Mine’s pathetic,” Meredith laughed. When Martha told her to “eat it” because it wasn’t good enough to add to the house, Meredith responded, “You eat it too, Martha.”

7. She’s fierce … like Lady Gaga
For TODAY’s annual Halloween extravaganza, Meredith has transformed into Princess Leia, Pinocchio, Lily from “The Munsters,” and Bette Midler in mermaid attire. But nothing compares to Halloween 2010, when she channeled her diva spirit and took the stage as Lady Gaga, working it to “Bad Romance” – with blond locks, bold outfit and back-up dancers to boot.

8. She’s a compassionate interviewer
Meredith’s interviews have taken viewers inside the lives of extraordinary people, including Charla Nash, the Connecticut woman who was left horribly disfigured after being attacked by her friend’s chimpanzee in 2009. Meredith gave us an intimate glimpse into Charla’s life and road to recovery, and in a tear-inducing interview, amazed us with Charla’s strength and willpower.

9. She gives Matt a hard time
Meredith has often been the target of Matt’s legendary pranks. But she dishes it right back, from prank-calling Matt while he’s sleeping to kicking him where it really hurts.

10. She brought energy and excitement from day one
Meredith loved the sound of her name being announced during the opening of TODAY on her first day, and her unabashed excitement over co-anchoring the show made us feel like she’d always been part of the family.