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Bow to Wow: The birthday batch

Jill Rappaport

By TODAY correspondent Jill Rappaport

April at Animal Care & Control of New York City finds the shelter still sadly full of precious pets waiting to get adopted. But thanks to our monthly Bow to Wow segments, where we take a group of dogs, clean them up and find them wonderful homes, we are making a difference. Not only do we have a 100 percent success rate, but we are about to celebrate our third anniversary.

With that milestone in mind, here is our special birthday batch, starting with a little white angel named Sophie. This very docile poodle mix would be in heaven just to lounge around in your lap, and dreams about her new home.

Next up is gregarious Gordon, a pug-mix pooch who just can't resist a smooch. Then we have a Westie-mix deluxe, named Doodle. Despite the fact that Doodle could afford to shed a few pounds, his heart and soul outweigh his girth.

Finally, there’s Rocky -- a champ of a dog, and the most loving hound-mix looking for a happy home.

Why not make this anniversary a special one by opening up your heart and home to one of these loving pets? The gift will end up being the ultimate present for you.

For more information on the Animal Care & Control of New York City and how you can adopt a pet, click here.

TODAY's resident animal advocate Jill Rappaport, along with Richard Gentles of Animal Care & Control of NYC, presents pooches in need of a good home.