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TODAY's Talk: Week of March 14

Kathie Lee and Hoda spend their first few minutes of each day catching up on their lives and current topics. Read below for more information about their chats. And come back every day this week to learn more about what they said.

Friday, March 18

  • Matt Bomer co-hosted TODAY with Hoda and not only is he good looking we discovered he can also sing! Watch out Kathie Lee!
  • Matt did have some bad news though, Kathie Lee and Hoda did not make it to the next round of Esquire.com Sexiest Women Alive.  However, we loved his challenge to Sofia Vergara to come back to the show without makeup.
  • Charlie Sheen is going on tour.  Let us know on our Facebook Page if you bought tickets to his sold out shows.

Watch below for Bobbie's Buzz and more details on all these stories. 

TODAY's Hoda Kotb and guest host Matt Bomer, from the hit show "White Collar," talk about the smash hit music video and its catchy lyrics. 

Thursday, March 17

Watch below for iHoda and more details on all these stories. 

On St. Patty's Day, actress Olivia Munn fills in for Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb tries to keep up with Munn's "day-wasted" drinking.

Wednesday, March 16

TODAY's Hoda Kotb welcomes guest host and Food Network star Paula Deen, and they discuss why Deen can be seen all over the Web riding things.

Tuesday, March 15

TODAY's Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Andy Cohen talk about the hot competition in Esquire's sexiest woman bracket. In round one, it is Hoda and Kathie Lee vs. Sofia Vergara. Who is your pick?


Monday, March 14

  • Anthony Mackie from Hurt Locker and most recently, The Adjustment Bureau hosted with Hoda TODAY.
  • The first thing we learned about Anthony is he loves hugs.  However, hugs can be controversial depending on the type, number of arms used, and the space between two people.  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page
  • One women made money this weekend when she sold her spot in the Apple Store line.  However, Anthony has made a lot of money because instead of buying an Apple Computer years ago he bought stock!

Watch below for more details on Anthony and all these stories.

TODAY's Hoda Kotb and guest co-host actor Anthony Mackie chat about their love of New Orleans and debate the simple, friendly public display of affection – the hug.