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Chaos on the plaza as man jumps over the TODAY barricade

TODAY’s Meredith Vieira and Al Roker talked with msnbc’s Willie Geist about a frightening incident stirred up by a raucous fan on the plaza that interrupted the broadcast. 

The man, shouting something to the effect that he was God's gift to music, hurled himself over the barricade while our anchors were live on air. 

Everyone is OK. "We're very lucky that we have great security here that's on hand every day, and also the New York Police Department," Meredith said. "So they were able to get him down on the ground very quickly."

TODAY released a statement later in the morning: "The situation was quickly handled by our security and the NYPD," TODAY spokeswoman Megan Kopf said.

Watch below as our anchors speak about the disturbing experience.