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Jenna Wolfe: Celebrate Best Friends Day!

From Jenna Wolfe
Today is Best Friends Day and while I'm not 7 (I'm...well... considerably older than that), I still  honor and respect the gods of friendship who declared this a national (semi-celebrated) holiday. So in honor of BFF day, this morning I interviewed psychologist Robi Ludwig about the health benefits of having a BFF, a best friend forever.

I honestly can't think of a better remedy for pain, heartbreak, loss, anguish...or a better sounding board for anger, jealousy, ire, fury....or a better cheerleader for happiness, success, love, and luck than a best friend. My best friend is Marni. Why? Well, do you have a couple hours?

She is my diary and my therapist all wrapped up in one. She is my cheerleader and my fan club when I'm on top of the world, but she's also my Tylenol and my Ben and Jerry's when I'm not. Every big decision goes THROUGH her. Every little opinion gets opined BY her. Every joke gets tested ON her. And every bit of my unconditional support goes TO her.
She sat in front of me in homeroom freshman year of high school waaaaay baaaaack wheeeeen. Her initials were MAW, mine were JAW, and at the time, that was enough in common to solidify a lifelong friendship. But wait, there's more. We weren't the most popular kids in the class (putting it mildly) but together we created our own "cool" and even though I wore braces and unmatched clothes, sported frizzy hair and pimples, I touted to the world that I'd make it to the TODAY Show one day. Everyone heard my vow, but only Marni listened. She was the only one who believed in me. I never forgot that. That and a few viewings of "Beaches," and we were bonded for the long haul.
Needless to say we have run the gamut of experiences. We have seen each other through the candy and poison of life, triumphs and failures and everythings in between. I was there for her when she broke up with Joshua; she was there for me when I broke up with "fill in the blank" (too many to mention). I was there for her when she met her now-husband Larry, she was there for me when I got my job here at TODAY. She is my cheering section when life is good and my cushion when life is bad. Together we have laughed till we cried and cried till we laughed.
Over the years, our paths have taken us in a million different directions. Days have often turned into weeks between visits, but the calls beget texts beget e-mails beget bbm's beget facebook posts so that no matter what, we're always connected.  
Marni had her second child a few months ago, solidifying her place in adulthood. I have this amazing gig that takes me all around the world. Our lives couldn't be more different, and yet no matter how much time we spend apart, it never takes more than a few minutes back together to recapture the innocent chemistry of two best friends who find everything funny and nothing insurmountable.