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Mad for Matt: Baby has a crush on TODAY host

We know Matt has admirers all over the world, and that the likes of Ryan Seacrest can't resist his charm. But we had no idea Matt could make even the youngest of hearts flutter.

Case in point: Seven-month-old Madeline Spohr, who seems to have a crush on the TODAY host.

"In the mornings she's fussy, but the second she'd hear Matt Lauer's voice, she would stop whining and turn her whole body toward the sound of Matt joking with Meredith," her mother, Heather, wrote on the family's blog, "The Spohrs Are Multiplying." "We've even recorded The Today Show on our DVR so we can play it when she's especially wound up. It works every time."

We're glad we don't have to break the news to Madeline that Matt is already taken.

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