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11 questions for Meghan McCain

After Meghan McCain spoke with Meredith (video) about the new children's book she's written about her father and about working to help her dad reach the White House, we sat down with the would-be first daughter to talk about everything besides politics. Meghan, who writes candidly about her experiences on her blog, was an open book when it came to dishing on campaign fashion, revealing her Decision '08 crush, helping her dad become tech savvy and (possibly) sharing nachos with fellow Columbia alum Barack Obama after he appears with John McCain in New York on Thursday.

Below are excerpts from our conversation:

Q: Since you're here talking about your new book, "My Dad, John McCain," let's start with a question about your dad.  A lot of our viewers want to know: What's your fondest memory of your dad on the campaign trail?
A: That's a tough one … every day is fun. In the beginning, when I first started campaigning, there was this hotel that didn't have an elevator and had lots of stairs, and he carried my friends' and my bags up and down the stairs, which they still love (laughs). He was like, "You girls shouldn't be carrying your bags."  Now there are people that help out. There's a person who is in charge of everyone's luggage, so we don't have to do that anymore.  

Q: Switching gears here: Are you still thinking of going into fashion design after the campaign?
A: Possibly. I think I want to go into fashion when this is over. I think I spend an overly significant portion of my life taking things that I have access to and showing them to other people. I'd really like to do something like Jessica Simpson's done, taking high-end things and making them accessible to everyone. I have so many things in my life that -- because of who my dad is -- I have more availability to, and I'd like to make that available to the masses. It's what I think I've done with the blog.

Q: Who do you think is the best dressed on the campaign trail...besides yourself?

A:  My mother. We have really different looks, but I love the way my mom dresses. I just think it's very classy and first lady-esque. I just think she looks beautiful all the time.  

Democratic National ConventionQ: It's only fair, since we asked all the Olympians who their Olympic crush was … who is your Decision '08 crush?
A: Do you know who's cute is Luke Russert. I just met him at the convention. He's a cute guy, and he's very nice.

Q: Sticking to the random theme of this conversation, what's on your must-see list for television this season?
A: I'm addicted to reality television.  I love "I Love New York." At the end of the day, all I want is brainless television, period. I just don't want to think about it, I don't want to watch newsreels. We watch them on the bus and on the plane. We watch news all the time. It's always serious … At the end of the day I just want brainless television. I really like  VH1, I really like "Rock of Love."

Q: Do you watch it with your dad?
A: No, but I watch it with my friends.

Q: Are you helping your dad become more savvy with the Internet?
A: Yes. Actually, we bought him a Mac  Air. That was my Father's Day gift to him, in addition to registering as a Republican. I think it's been very overblown, how technologically behind he is. He knows how to pull up the New York Times on his computer, and I've got him texting now too. I know that's not so savvy, but …

NYC - Morningside Heights: Tom's Restaurant by wallyg.Q: Your dad is coming to Columbia this week to appear with Barack Obama for a Service Nation event. Since you went to Columbia, where are you looking forward to taking your dad around your old stomping ground?
A: The Hamilton Deli, it's where I used to eat every meal. I also really love Tom's. That was my dad's favorite thing about Columbia -- that it was by Tom's Restaurant. He used to tell everyone, "Meghan and I ate at the 'Seinfeld' restaurant!" He could have taken me to Nobu, but we went to the 'Seinfeld' restaurant (laughs).

Q: Since Barack Obama went to Columbia as well, can you see the two of you sharing some nachos at The Heights after the event?
A: I don't know if his campaign would want that, but I would love to if he wanted to!

Q: Speaking of nachos, how's the food on the campaign trail?
A: Terrible. TERRIBLE! I eat pizza for breakfast. I've gained so much weight, which isn't even that big of an issue. I'm not totally health-food conscious, but I have a friend that's a vegan and another friend who's on the macrobiotic diet and I'm like, "I have Snickers and Diet Coke for breakfast, then Swedish Fish for lunch and then pizza and pasta for dinner." So I don't know why I'm gaining weight (laughs).

Q: Last question: What do you think is the best quality you inherited from your dad?
A: Not apologizing for speaking your mind. My parents never made me censor myself, and I love that about my parents. Being in politics, that's kind of rare, especially with children. I meet a lot of political kids who have a wall up, and they feel like they have to act a certain way. I'm always who I am, which is why I think people have related to the blog. I'm not afraid to say things like "I'm not a size zero, I have bad days." It's complicated, what I'm doing, but I love my friends and I love my dad.